In line with its vision, mission and core values, NCT aspires to achieve excellence in sustainability by integrating sustainable practices into every one of its business activities. As a corporation that views sustainability as a long-term commitment, we strive to take the step in crafting sustainable developments and corporate responsibility for sustainable living of its employees, customers and communities, enhancing society well-being and advocating environmental ethics.
NCT strives to balance commercial focus with sustainability factors. NCT is committed to continuously engage its stakeholders and report on the efforts to address the issues that matter to them. We are committed to being responsible and making a positive contribution to society and the environment we operate it.


At NCT, corporate governance is paramount to achieve our agreed goals, control risks and assure compliance. This is executed through the implementation of our own policies and regulations for our employees across all levels. The Board of Directors oversees and provides policy guidance on the business and affairs of the Group.